SIESTA goes open source

Following the agreement of moving the code under a new fully Open source compliant license (GA, IPR section), the SIESTA developers took the action to change the licensing conditions for the code. Starting from summer 2016, the MaX flagship code SIESTA is released under the GPL open-source licence (

In the past SIESTA had always been free for academic use, but re-distribution was not permitted. It is expected that the move to an open-source license will result in a more flexible and dynamic development for the program. On the one hand, SIESTA will be able to incorporate functionalities already existing in other GPL codes. On the other, the barrier for contributors will be lowered, as new developments will be more easily re-distributed.

Development and distribution of the program is now centralized at the Launchpad platform:

Users can download tarballs of released versions, as well as clone the source branches of the appropriate series directly.

With this change, all the flagship codes in the MaX consortium are open-source.

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