Synergy between quantum computing and HPC, an upcoming MaX workshop at CECAM

A workshop about “Synergy between quantum computing and high-performance computing” will take place on August 22 to 24, at CECAM-ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland, organized by Rosa Di Felice and Elisa Molinari (Cnr Nano and MaX) among others.

The workshop aims at bringing together the quantum information community and the HPC community to discuss their specific expertise and to outline the bridges that will eventually identify: (1) the future role of quantum technologies in scientific fields where HPC is currently dominant; (2) the use of existing HPC platforms to demonstrate the potentialities of future quantum technologies to simulate materials and biological systems. The ideas discussed in the workshop will be the basis of a wider brain storming to identify the synergy between HPC and quantum technologies at the European level and worldwide, possibly identifying HPC tasks in the Quantum Flagship.


Workshop website

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