Yambo towards exascale at the Developers’ meeting

Last September 8-9, in Frascati (Rome, It) at the Italian INFN Laboratory and University of Rome Tor Vergata a “Yambo developers’ meeting” took place. The whole team of Yambo developers was present and lively discussed about technical improvements, new features of the code enabling theoretical description of ultra fast experiments, future directions and improvements in scalability of Yambo toward exascale direction.
The meeting was supported by MaX.

List of Speakers:
Andrea Marini, CNR-ISM, Montelibretti, Italy
Conor Hogan, CNR-ISM, Uni TorVergata, Italy
Davide Sangalli, CNR-ISM, Montelibretti, Italy
Mirta Gruning, Queen’s university, Belfast, Northen Ireland
Daniele Varsano, CNR-NANO, Italy
Alejandro Molina-Sanchez, Università di Valencia, Spain
Maurizia Palummo, Università di TorVergata, Italy
Gianluca Stefanucci, Università di TorVergata, Italy
Ivan Marri, CNR-NANO, Italy
Andrea Ferretti, CNR-NANO, Italy

Moments from the meeting

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