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In the MaX Newsletter n. 3 you can find all the news about flagship codes advances, exascale enabling, co-design and industrial outreach, HPC strategies, and much more.
You will read about the flagships codes: Yambo and its advancements in the exciton insulator phase in carbon nanotubes, the advanced capabilities for materials modelling with Quantum ESPRESSO, the new workflow for the calculation of thermal properties of nanofluids and its application in the calculation of graphene nanoflakes dispersed in DMF.

Furthermore, you will discover the role of a new benchmarking strategy to better analyse the performance of the MaX flagship codes, the computational protocol released by a team of MaX CNR researchers to calculate from first principles the adhesion and resistance to sliding of solid interfaces, and much more news about meetings and future strategies of this European Centre of Excellence.

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