MaX International Conference announcement


The MaX International Conference on Materials Design Ecosystem at the Exascale: High-Performance and High-Throughput Computing will take place in Trieste, ICTP from 29 to 31 January 2018.

The general focus of the Conference, organized by the MaX European Centre of Excellence on Materials Design at the eXascale, is on scientific advances in computational materials research, as well as future developments in the exascale perspective.

The program will include sessions with invited speakers only plus a dedicated poster session on topics including – but not limited to -:

  • Scientific advances in materials research exploiting high-performance computing
  • High-throughput computing for materials discovery
  • New avenues from data analytics / artificial intelligence in materials science
  • Trends in high performance computing and codesign towards exascale
  • New algorithms for first principles simulations.

Confirmed Invited speakers include: Thomas Sterling, Indiana University, Bloomington (USA), Luca Benini, Università di Bologna (IT); Roberto Car, Princeton University (USA)Thierry Deutsch, CEA-Inac (FR)Massimiliano Fatica, NVIDIA (USA)Juerg Hutter, University of Zurich (CH)Lin Lin, University of California, Berkeley (USA)Nicola Marzari, EPFL (CH); Stefano Baroni, SISS

A (IT).



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