New materials to rethink the world: prof. N. Marzari explains what new materials are all about

May is full of  public events involving Prof. Nicola Marzari (EPFLMarvel), one of the principal investigators of MaX Centre of Excellence. Save the dates!

May 7  Rome (IT), for a public speech in Teatro Eliseo on quantum simulation, materials design and future perspectives.

“La Scienza e Noi”, a dissemination event (in Italian) at the Eliseo Theatre. More info here


Some pictures from Teatro Eliseo’s event:

May 16 Liège (BE), for an “Industry-Academia Day” dedicated to the simulation of advanced materials properties. For a specific audience, registration requested.

May 17 Liège (BE), for a Conference on “Computational design and discovery of new materials: challenges and opportunities“.  Free registration requested.


During these events Prof. Nicola Marzari will present his point of view on the current state of knowledge in the field, its power and limitations, as well as the role and possibilities of high throughput computing (HTC, rather than HPC), open-source codes and workflows, and large data available on demand.

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