Material Science codes on innovative HPC architectures: from electronic structure to spectra with Quantum ESPRESSO and Yambo

December 3-5, 2018 @ CINECA

The aim of this course is to teach to the students the basic features of Quantum ESPRESSO and Yambo and how to perform a calculation from first principles of the electronic structure and spectroscopic properties using a HPC machine. 

A the end of this course the students will learn: how to use a HPC machine
the basics features of Quantum ESPRESSO and Yambo, and how to calculate some electronic and spectroscopic properties using HPC.

Target Audience:
Graduate students willing to learn how to use (or to improve their knowledge) Quantum ESPRESSO and Yambo on HPC modern architectures.

Some knowledge of solid state theory or condensed matter physics is needed.

More info in the CINECA website dedicated page

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