Author: Francesco Osimanti

MaX European Centre of Excellence (CoE): Leading the path to materials design and beyond Exascale in Europe


As we enter into our six month of activity MaX – “MAterials design at the eXascale. European Centre of Excellence in materials modelling, simulations, and design”, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project and funded under the H2020-INFRAEDI-2018 call,

Fleur Code: Application and uses in the field of material science


The development of the current technological society as we know so far, it interconnects with the research and development of scientific disciplines such as material engineering. In particular this kind of scientific studies and researches the innovative materials and their

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Yambo: The code at the service of Sustainable Development

Yambo Code

The energy industry, with particular attention to sustainable energy, is facing a great challenge in recent years. Every day, scientists across the globe experiment the advantages and disadvantages of materials in disparate technological fields, and, amongst them, the photovoltaic sector.

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NanoInnovation 2019: The cutting-edge of eXascale Supercomputers for Nanotechnologies


The revolution in the discovery of new materials comes from quantum simulations, thanks to which we are able to calculate the properties of a material at the nanoscale even before it is ever prepared in a laboratory. The virtual comes

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ISC 2019

The ISC High-Performance conference will bring together over 3,500 researchers and commercial users, and 160 exhibitors, ready to share their experiences with the latest technology and products of interest to the high-performance computing (HPC) community. Together with our 2019 program

HPC solving scientific challenges and creating new skills and jobs – Find out more at the EuroHPC Summit Week 2019, Poznan May 2019

Join the HPC community at the

Today, the impressive increase of big data exchange is creating new perspectives in term of sharing knowledge, conducting scientific researches and creating new business opportunities. This big processing of data requires supercomputing tools, also know as High-Performance Computing (HPC), which

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HPC for Industry 4.0

Cineca, one of MaX partner, organizes the “HPC for Industry 4” workshop, which will be held on 21-23 May in Milan in partnership with PRACE and HPC-Europa3. The initiative aims to involve industrial and academic participants to create a collaborative

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Quantum ESPRESSO an integrated suite of Open-Source computer codes

Quantum Espresso (QE) is an integrated suite of Open-Source computer codes for electronic-structure calculations and materials modelling at the nanoscale. It is based on density-functional theory, plane waves, and pseudopotentials. The project is an open initiative, in collaboration with many

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MaX CoE Cooperation on EOSC-hub Week 2019


The Materials design at eXascale (MaX) is one of the High-Performance Computing Centers of Excellence (HPC CoE) that was invited to showcase how MaX is seamlessly integrating with EOSC and how Aiida and Materials Cloud tools are paving the way

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AiiDA: an ecosystem to further develop, execute and share data around the world


AiiDA (Automated Interactive Infrastructure and Database for Computational Science) is one of H2020 Materials design at the exascale – Centre of Excellence (MaX’s CoE) results [2015 -2018] created in partnership with NCCR MARVEL. AiiDA is a flexible and scalable informatics’

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