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MaX International Conference 2018

Did you miss the conference? Don’t worry. All the talks of the Invited Speakers of the Max International Conference 2018 are online. On the ICTP webpage dedicated to this event, you can find the abstract, the slides and the video of each

Quantum Mobile v18.02.0

Just released the version 18.02.0 of the Quantum Mobile Virtual Machine. Quantum Mobile now supports running AiiDA-powered Jupyter Apps inside Quantum Mobile, just like running them on All details and download instructions can be found on the release page.

Stories of success: Juan Carrasquilla

Have a look to the story of success of Juan Carrasquilla, one of the invited speakers of theMaX Conference held in Trieste at the end of January. On that occasion, the ICTP communication staff have interviewed him to find out more

PRACE-MaX Tutorial on high-throughput computations: general methods and applications using AiiDA@Cineca

      AiiDA is a flexible and scalable informatics’ infrastructure to manage, preserve, and disseminate the simulations, data, and workflows of modern-day computational science. The PRACE–MaX tutorial is targeted at about 40 students, postdocs and researchers interested in applying high-throughput computations

CECAM School on Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: From the Basics to the Latest Developments

We are pleased to announce the CECAM School on “Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: From the Basics to the Latest Developments” that will be held from June 25 to 29, 2018 at the CECAM HQ in Lausanne Switzerland. Hands-on tutorial lectures

MaX International Conference 2018

The conference is not over yet, but we are glad to share this group picture! Many thanks to the 33 outstanding speakers, to the participants (more than one hundred), and to the organizing committees both in Cnr Nano Modena and

MaX prize awarded at the MaX International Conference in Trieste

Recipients of the MaX Prize for flagship code applications launched last summer have been announced at the MaX Conference ongoing in Trieste. The recipients are: Zeila Zanolli, RWTH Aachen for her research on “Ab initio design of new materials for spintronics applications”,

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Software Engineer open position @ Argonne National Laboratory

  Excellent candidates are sought with experience in the development of complex software architectures to support the development and deployment of MICCoM codes and of analysis codes for molecular dynamics and electronic structure calculations. The software engineers will work with

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EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

European Commission proposes to invest EUR 1 billion in world-class European supercomputers The European Commission unveiled today its plans to invest jointly with the Member States in building a world-class European supercomputers infrastructure. As from press release, the activities of

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MaX International Conference announcement

  The MaX International Conference on Materials Design Ecosystem at the Exascale: High-Performance and High-Throughput Computing will take place in Trieste, ICTP from 29 to 31 January 2018. The general focus of the Conference, organized by the MaX European Centre of

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