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PRACE-MaX tutorial @CINECA: the deadline for the registration is approaching!

AiiDA is a flexible and scalable informatics’ infrastructure to manage, preserve, and disseminate the simulations, data, and workflows of modern-day computational science. The PRACE–MaX tutorial is targeted at about 40 students, postdocs and researchers interested in applying high-throughput computations in their research,

Quantum-Espresso Workshop 2018

The Materials Computation Center of the Materials Research Institute at Pennsylvania State University announces the 2018 Quantum-Espresso Workshop.  The workshop will be held at the Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA USA) from May 21 to may 25, 2018. Quantum-Espresso

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AiiDA release v0.11.3

A new AiiDA release v0.11.3 is now available! You can find more information at our download page. A detailed overview of a all the changes can be found in the change log on GitHub.

Just published a new work

Just published online the new work on “Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic coupling of spin molecular interfaces” by the CNR Nano researchers involved in MaX CoE, the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and ALBA Synchrotron Light Source, Barcelona. More info on Nano Letters

A new scientific paper from the EPFL team!

“Prediction of a Large-Gap and Switchable Kane-Mele Quantum Spin Hall Insulator” is the newly published paper in Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 117701 – 13 March 2018. Congratulation to Antimo Marrazzo, Marco Gibertini, Davide Campi, Nicolas Mounet, and Nicola Marzari from the THEOS

SIESTA PRO Workshop March 15, Bilbao, Spain

The workshop “SIESTA-PRO. Professional Software Ready for Industry” will be held in the Imaginenano2018 Industrial Forum on March 15th in Bilbao, Spain. Participation in the workshop is free. Online registration is opened until March 5th. The company Simune Atomistics S.L.,

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AiiDA team new work

Read all about the AiiDA team work on “Two-dimensional materials from high-throughput computational exfoliation of experimentally known compounds” in Nature Nanotechnology March 2018, Volume 13, Issue 3

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MaX International Conference 2018

Did you miss the conference? Don’t worry. All the talks of the Invited Speakers of the Max International Conference 2018 are online. On the ICTP webpage dedicated to this event, you can find the abstract, the slides and the video of each

Quantum Mobile v18.02.0

Just released the version 18.02.0 of the Quantum Mobile Virtual Machine. Quantum Mobile now supports running AiiDA-powered Jupyter Apps inside Quantum Mobile, just like running them on All details and download instructions can be found on the release page.

Stories of success: Juan Carrasquilla

Have a look to the story of success of Juan Carrasquilla, one of the invited speakers of theMaX Conference held in Trieste at the end of January. On that occasion, the ICTP communication staff have interviewed him to find out more