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#DigitalDay17 23.03.2017

Digital Day, the digital part of the official celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, is ongoing now in Rome. A special session will be dedicated to “Europe as a global player in High Performance Computing”.  The event

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SIESTA school by the European Centre of Excellence MaX

Save the date: from May 23 to 27, 2017 in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre a seminal four-day hands-on tutorial on the use of the SIESTA code will take place, organized within the European Centre of Excellence MaX. The SIESTA school will be addressed to students and

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Welcome to the MaX newsletter

The lively world of MaX is now available at a glance: the new MaX newsletter has been issued and is available here. In this zero issue news about MaX’s user portal; Quantum Espresso simulation of natural food colours; Siesta news and much

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SIESTA goes open source

Following the agreement of moving the code under a new fully Open source compliant license (GA, IPR section), the SIESTA developers took the action to change the licensing conditions for the code. Starting from summer 2016, the MaX flagship code

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Improving towards green computation: QuantumESPRESSO scaling on the new MARCONI-KNL partition

New tests on parallel scaling performance of QuantumESPRESSO –in particular the CP kernel— are now available, thanks to the MARCONI Tier-0 system recently established at CINECA and based on the Lenovo NeXtScale platform. The HPC cluster, co-designed by CINECA, was

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First Yambo-EIS (Elastic and Inelastic Scattering beamline) Meeting, 24-25/1/17

Andrea Marini, from Cnr Ism and MaX, is the organizer of the first Yambo-EIS (Elastic and Inelastic Scattering beamline) Meeting in Area Science Park in Trieste (IT) on January 24-25, 2017. Yambo is one of the MaX’s flagship codes and the possibility

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MaX meeting and other workshops

New materials are our gateway to technology. From airplanes to X rays, from smartphones to servers to access the web, everything we use daily has something to do with new materials. It has always been so: the leading material of an

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MaX developers and researchers meeting in Cineca, Nov. 16.11.2017

MaX people are always in action: today a group of researchers (Yambo developers, Cineca HPC experts, Cnr scientists)  met to discuss and brain storm about the benchmarking, the improvements and the co-design of Yambo toward future exascale architectures. From left

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MaX meeting in Trieste (Sissa), January 10-11, 2017

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The next general MaX meeting, along with a General Assembly and a IAB meeting,  will take place at Sissa in Trieste on January 10-11, 2017 (just before the ‘Total energy and force methods’ Conference that will take place in Trieste

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SIMUNE joins MaX

 The CoE MaX recently signed an agreement with the Spanish company SIMUNE. It is a company expert in atomistic simulations that offers services for leading industrial and research customers working with materials (semiconductors, energy storage, new compounds, etc.). The partnership

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