pilot projects

We have identified four ‘Pilot Cases’, or open problems that MaX can contribute to solve, in close contact with leading industrial partners: a challenging test ground for MaX working approach. The same approach will then be applied to similarly challenging problems that will emerge from MaX users and community.

Importantly, the developed packages and work-flows will constitute the basis for a ‘market-place’ where solutions developed for a given problem will be made available and tailored to other end-users. This opportunity is expected to enable rapid response to shorter-term issues, and could be typically well suited e.g. for SMEs.

Pilot Case 1. Computational protocol for friction and tribochemistry

Pilot Case 2. Computational protocol for understanding thermal energy storage in molten salts and nanofluids

Pilot Case 3. Computational protocol for simulating the colour optical properties of natural dyes for food industry

Pilot Case 4. Design and discovery of optimal solid-state electrolytes