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Synergy between quantum computing and high-performance computing

A workshop about “Synergy between quantum computing and high-performance computing” will take place on August 22 to 24, at CECAM-ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland, organized by Rosa Di Felice and Elisa Molinari (Cnr Nano and MaX) among others. The workshop aims at bringing

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All electron DFT with FLEUR – a Hands-on Tutorial

The density-functional theory (DFT) in its various incarnation provides the most practical framework to compute basic electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of materials. Large scale materials screening using DFT is believed to be a key factor in future materials development.

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Advanced computing of excited state properties in solids and nanostructures with Yambo

Characterization and engineering of advanced materials and nanostructures often require an accurate description of their excited state properties. This school will provide a balanced training both in the fundamental theory of electronic and optical excitations as well as practical strategies

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All electron DFT with FLEUR, a Hands-on Tutorial 8-12.05.2017

The upcoming hands-on tutorial sponsored by CECAM and the CoE MaX (http://www.max-centre.eu) “All electron DFT with FLEUR” will be held from May 08-12, 2017 at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. Its objective is the education of the participants in the basic, advanced, and automatized use

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Advanced workshop on QUANTUM ESPRESSO, Trieste

Advanced Workshop on High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO | 16-27 Jan 2017| ICTP, Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH) The goal of the Workshop is to enable participating scientists to combine the most advanced approaches to quantum materials simulation with

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CECAM/Psi-k/CCP9 Graduate School

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Advanced Workshop on High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO

A  two-week Workshop in advanced techniques for large-scale materials science computer simulations is being organized by MaX and many main players in the field (ICTP,  Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation, CECAM, MARVEL, National Centre of Competence in Research, CECAM, eCAM, and Psi-k electronic-structure network). The

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CECAM School

CECAM School on “Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: Theory, Simulation and Application” This school is focused in giving a theoretical background and presenting state of the art techniques involving Feynman path integral approaches to quantum dynamics and quantum statistical mechanics and

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juDFT: Hands-on DFT codes from Jülich

Density-functional theory (DFT) provides the most efficient and practical framework to compute atomistic properties of solids, liquids, clusters and molecules from the basic laws of quantum mechanics and has spread to various applications in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, mineralogy,

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