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MaX Hackathon

  12.07.2018 PROGRAM AVAILABLE HERE http://www.max-centre.eu/max-hackathon-program/ Follow our news from the Hackathon on our Twitter profile @max_center2     Hackathons: coding marathons that offer a huge opportunity to connect perspectives and propel targeted solutions. This is what we want to do from July

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GPU-accelerated Quantum ESPRESSO (QE-GPU)

GPU-accelerated Quantum ESPRESSO (QE-GPU) An open-source custom version of Quantum ESPRESSO with embedded GPU support based on CUDA FORTRAN is now available via GitHub. This product has been made possible thanks to the effort of the NVIDIA HPC Software and Benchmarks Group. This

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SIESTA goes open source

Following the agreement of moving the code under a new fully Open source compliant license (GA, IPR section), the SIESTA developers took the action to change the licensing conditions for the code. Starting from summer 2016, the MaX flagship code

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SIMUNE joins MaX

 The CoE MaX recently signed an agreement with the Spanish company SIMUNE. It is a company expert in atomistic simulations that offers services for leading industrial and research customers working with materials (semiconductors, energy storage, new compounds, etc.). The partnership

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