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Quantum ESPRESSO software developer: open position

The Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation will fund a scientific software developer position, initially for one year and renewable up to three times depending upon the availability of funding. The work will take place under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Giannozzi at

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Quantum-Espresso Workshop 2018

The Materials Computation Center of the Materials Research Institute at Pennsylvania State University announces the 2018 Quantum-Espresso Workshop.  The workshop will be held at the Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA USA) from May 21 to May 25, 2018. Quantum-Espresso

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MaX prize awarded at the MaX International Conference in Trieste

Recipients of the MaX Prize for flagship code applications launched last summer have been announced at the MaX Conference ongoing in Trieste. The recipients are: Zeila Zanolli, RWTH Aachen for her research on “Ab initio design of new materials for spintronics applications”,

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Brand new MaX newsletter just issued

Eager to read news about MaX world, its flagship codes, exascale enabling, co-design, HPC-Europa, and much more? In number 2 of our newsletter you’ll learn about MaX prize for frontier HPC applications in materials research; about the new feature for

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MaX prize for flagship codes application

Update: The MaX International Conference will take place in Trieste from 29th to 31st January 2018! We thank all applicants and we will inform all of you about the results in due time for the conference. MaX – Materials at the

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GPU-accelerated Quantum ESPRESSO (QE-GPU)

GPU-accelerated Quantum ESPRESSO (QE-GPU) An open-source custom version of Quantum ESPRESSO with embedded GPU support based on CUDA FORTRAN is now available via GitHub. This product has been made possible thanks to the effort of the NVIDIA HPC Software and Benchmarks Group. This

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time to learn about Quantum Espresso, Aiida, Yambo

The lectures from the ICTP – MaX workshop “High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO and AiiDA“, held in ICTP (Jan. 16-27 2017) are available in our dedicated page. Training is one of MaX cornerstones, in order to enlarge the

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Welcome to the MaX newsletter

The lively world of MaX is now available at a glance: the new MaX newsletter has been issued and is available here. In this zero issue news about MaX’s user portal; Quantum Espresso simulation of natural food colours; Siesta news and much

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Improving towards green computation: QuantumESPRESSO scaling on the new MARCONI-KNL partition

New tests on parallel scaling performance of QuantumESPRESSO –in particular the CP kernel— are now available, thanks to the MARCONI Tier-0 system recently established at CINECA and based on the Lenovo NeXtScale platform. The HPC cluster, co-designed by CINECA, was

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Advanced workshop on QUANTUM ESPRESSO, Trieste

Advanced Workshop on High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using Quantum ESPRESSO | 16-27 Jan 2017| ICTP, Kastler Lecture Hall (AGH) The goal of the Workshop is to enable participating scientists to combine the most advanced approaches to quantum materials simulation with

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