list of workshops & schools

A list of training events (schools and workshops) is given below. Events flagged with the Max logo MAX-30 are organized or supported directly by the MaX CoE.





Material Science codes on innovative HPC architectures: targeting exascale[infoMAX-30 Bologna (IT) Workshop 4-6/12/2017
Electronic Structure Library Coding Workshop: Drivers [infoMAX-30 Trieste (IT) Workshop De Gironcoli S. 9-22/07/2017
AiiDA tutorial [info] Nccr-Marvel (CH) N. Marzari 29-31/05/2017
Siesta school on efficient DFT calculations using atomic orbitals [info] Barcelona (ES) School 23-26/05/2017
All electron DFT with FLEUR – a Hands-on Tutorial[infoMAX-30 Forschungszentrum Juelich (D) School 08-12/05/2017
Advanced computing of excited state properties in solids and nanostructures with Yambo [infoMAX-30 CECAM-HQ-EPFL Lausanne (CH) D. Varsano 24-28/04/2017
MARVEL-MaX meeting and advanced AiiDA tutorial [infoMAX-30 NCCR-Marvel (CH) N. Marzari 06-07/03/2017
Advanced Workshop on High-Performance & High-Throughput Materials Simulations using QUANTUM ESPRESSO [infoMAX-30 Trieste (IT) Workshop N. Marzari 16-28/01/2017
18th International Workshop on Computational Physics and Materials Science: Total Energy and Force Methods [infoMAX-30 Trieste (IT) Workshop 12-14/01/2017
AiiDA coding week [info] Leysin (CH) 5-9/12/2016
Prace-MaX training event. Materials Science codes on Innovative HPC architectures: targeting Exascale [infoMAX-30 Bologna (IT) C. Cavazzoni 5-7/12/2016
TBTrams AND Tran Siesta Tutorial: Non-Equilibrium Green Functions from Tight Binding to Self-Consistency [info] ICN2, UAB, Barcelona (ES) 9-11/11/2016
School on Parallel Programming and Parallel Architecture for HPC [infoMAX-30 Trieste (IT)  School I. Girotto 3-14/10/2016
CECAM/Psi-k/CCP9 Graduate School [info] CECAM-UK-HARTREE (UK) School 5-9/09/2016
Multiscale Computational Modeling of Materials for Energy Applications [info] Trieste (IT) College I. Girotto 4-15/07/2016
Marvel/MaX tutorial on high-throughput computations: general methods and applications using AiiDA [infoMAX-30 Lausanne (CH) N. Marzari 22-24/06/2016
Efficient density-functional calculations with atomic orbitals: a hands-on tutorial on the SIESTA code [info] CECAM, Lyon (FR) School 18-22/06/2016
CECAM School “Path Integral Quantum Mechanics: Theory, Simulation and Application” [info] Lausanne (CH) School 13-17/06/2016
The PRACE Spring School 2016 and E-CAM Tutorial on Molecular and Atomic Modelling [info] Dublin (IE) School 16-21/05/2016
Parallel I/O and management of large scientific data @CINECA [info] Roma (IT) 18-19/05/2016
Ultra-fast phenomena in quantum physics: a challenge for theory & experiment [info] Lausanne (CH)  D. Prezzi 11-15/04/2016
MHPC Master in High Performance Computing [info] Trieste (IT)  Workshop 24-26/02/2016
Density-functional perturbation theory: response functions, phonoms and all that. Density-functional perturbation theory goes time-dependent. Core level Spectroscopies [info] University of Nova Gorica, Ajdovscina (SI)  S. Baroni 1-11/02/2016
Python for Computational Science [info] Modena (IT) A. Ferretti 25-27/01/2016
Linear Joint MCC-UKCP-EPCC Workshop on Ab initio Periodic Codes [info] Daresbury (UK) 19-22/01/2016
Linear Response workshop 2016 [info] Trieste (IT) I. Girotto 18-21/01/2016
AiiDA tutorial and coding days [infoMAX-30 Lausanne (CH) N. Marzari 2-6/11/2015
Density-functional perturbation theory: response functions, phonoms and all that. Density-functional perturbation theory goes time-dependent. Computer simulation of thermally activated processes with QUANTUM ESPRESSO Cordoba (ES) S. Baroni 28/09-02/10/2015
Ab initio modelling in solid state chemistry in Crystal Developers [info] London Imperial College (UK) A. Ferretti 14/09/2015