Date: 23 September 2019 to 27 September 2019
Location: Oslo, Norway

Oslo, September 23–27 2019.

The workshop is arranged by UNINETT Sigma2 and the Norwegian Research Council. The content will be tutorials on VASP, AiiDA and AiiDA-VASP given by the respective developers and users.

It will be possible for new users to get an introduction to VASP and its possibilities. More experienced VASP users will have the option of attending tutorials on more advanced topics.

Alongside the VASP tutorials, an introduction to AiiDA will be given in order to establish the importance of data provenance, sharing and elevated efficiencies offered. 

Users of all fields can attend the AiiDA tutorials, where one towards the end of the workshop, tries to develop a plugin for your particular software and calculations. 

Finally, a tutorial on the AiiDA-VASP plugin for AiiDA is given, which is suitable for more advanced VASP users seeking to increase productivity and usability.

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