MaX provides user support and consulting services to users of electronic structure codes on HPC systems, including MaX flagship codes and beyond (e.g. CPMD, VASP, ADF, etc…). A quantum mobile service and a cloud platform – Aiida Lab - for accessible Materials Simulations are also available.

The support actions are offered irrespective of the source of computational resources (it could be national resources, as well PRACE resources or institutional or private resources). Some priority is given to users running on PRACE resources.

We operate the Helpdesk, help users to exploit at best the MaX codes on different architectures and offer ad hoc solutions when needed.

Disclaimer: We try to support all users, but we can guarantee our services only within the available time and resources of MaX. In case of overload, we may have to inform users about the actual availability and time schedule of the services.