26 March 2024

MAX and CoEs drive European supercomputing forward at EuroHPC Summit 2024

Together with fellow Centers of Excellence (CoEs), MAX participated in the EuroHPC Summit week 2024.

Antwerp, 18-21 March 2024

Held in Antwerp, Belgium, the prestigious EuroHPC Summit convened key players from the European supercomputing sphere, both from public and private sectors, alongside influential decision-makers.

The summit's objectives were multifaceted, encompassing the dissemination of cutting-edge technological advancements, fostering collaborative synergies, articulating present and future requirements, and collectively influencing the trajectory of European supercomputing.

MAX's participation in the summit took various forms. These included two parallel sessions, a poster presentation, and networking opportunities among National Competence Centers (NCCs) and Centers of Excellence (CoEs).


Tuesday, 19 March 2024

▸ 11:30-13:00  |  Parallel session 
"Centres of Excellence: Deploying Flagship Codes on EuroHPC Supercomputers” 
Elisa Molinari (CNR, Uni Modena e Reggio Emilia)

▸ 14:15-15:15  |  Poster session 
"MAX: MAterials Design at the eXascale”


Wednesday, 20 March 2024

▸ 16:30-18:30  |  Parallel session 
"Interconnecting EuroHPC Supercomputers for Scientific and Industrial Advancement" 
Jan Jona Javoršek (Jožef Stefan Institute)


In the end, the EuroHPC Summit 2023 was a great success: kudos to the EuroHPC organising team!