Since 2002, E4 has been innovating and actively encouraging the adoption of new computing and storage technologies. With a comprehensive range of hardware, software and services, we are able to offer you solutions for the most demanding workloads on: HPC, Big-Data, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and much more. We take an agnostic approach towards the many technologies available on the market. This allows us to devise and offer the best solution tailored to customer needs.

Getting the best from innovation and make it easy. Implementing and integrating the most advanced technologies to obtain the best performance from computing and storage. Producing high quality solutions starting from requirements analysis to after-sales services to provide a full customer support.

Becoming the reference supplier for IT solutions, focused on technological innovation, with the aim to make our customers develop and implement their own research and improve the world of tomorrow.

Research expertise

E4 has supplied CERN and the HEP community with computer servers and storage server aimed at several experiments carried out in their premises. Furthermore, E4 has dedicated facilities for the design and testing of HPC solutions where a large number of development platforms are installed. Because of the direct relationship with the key components producer (motherboards, processors, memory, GPUs, FPGAs), E4 is also able to provide in-depth analysis of the latest technology and provide early access to new platforms.

Tasks in MAX

E4 Computer Engineering is involved in MAX with the aim of

  • Support the software development and testing via making available platform and architecture to the developers
  • Developing a solution (appliance-like HPC cluster, HW and SW) optimized for material science (e.g. validated with the flagship codes developed within MaX). The appliance will be added as a new asset to the E4 Computer Engineering’s portfolio complemented by marketing campaigns for positioning it in the material science market , targeting large chemical/pharma industries, chemical companies, R&D departments.
  • Developing a containerized versions of the flagship codes ready to install, by deploying OS-specific packages and HPC and HPT versions with dedicated marketing campaigns
  • Perform communication and marketing actions about the results achieved by MAX, fully aligned and coordinated with the overall communication and dissemination plan of MAX, to ensure coverage of stakeholders and adequate visibility across Europe of the appliance