SiPearl is the European Company designing, producing and selling the first HPC microprocessor totally designed in Europe. Rhea, the first SiPearl’s processor is intended to equip the European Exascale supercomputers.

It will be tested in real operational conditions in the EUPEX project, in supercomputers designed by ATOS and E4. Rhea brings new technical features that will open new optimisation opportunities for developers.
The most important new features are: ARM instruction set (v8.6+), SVE (2x 256b vector pipelines per core), HBM and DDR memories and CXL2 (type 1 and type 3) interface. Rhea will also offer the best byte per flop ratio (∼0.6) that will help to reduce the time the developers have to spend to optimise their applications on this new class of HPC processor. Within MAX, SiPearl will bring the expertise and the tools to port, profile and optimise applications on Rhea and any combination of Rhea with GPU using the CXL2 interface.



Augustin Degomme