• SIESTA PRO Workshop March 15, Bilbao, Spain
    The workshop “SIESTA-PRO. Professional Software Ready for Industry” will be held in the Imaginenano2018 Industrial Forum on March 15th in Bilbao, [...]
  • AiiDA team new work
    Read all about the AiiDA team work on “Two-dimensional materials from high-throughput computational exfoliation of experimentally known [...]
  • MaX International Conference 2018
    Did you miss the conference? Don’t worry. All the talks of the Invited Speakers of the Max International Conference 2018 are online. On the [...]
  • Quantum Mobile v18.02.0
    Just released the version 18.02.0 of the Quantum Mobile Virtual Machine. Quantum Mobile now supports running AiiDA-powered Jupyter Apps inside [...]