25 February 2019

Harmonized Communication and Dissemination approach to maximize greater impact

Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services, one of the key members of MaX from Trust-IT Services enthusiastically share her thoughts on how Trust-IT Services can contribute to the success of the project.

“Regarding the investments being made by EU member states around the EuroHPC, MaX finds itself in an advantageous position to show how it can bring value to the Materials Science domain and respond to societal challenges in HPC.”

Innovative Aspects Shared with MaX

Trust-IT is an SME specialised in research analysis & communication in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as the development & implementation of innovative web & mobile applications across Europe and globally.

A structured communication & dissemination strategy that tries to tailor the results messaging to the interested stakeholders. By understanding what assets are produce from a technology readiness level (TRL)2 & manufacturing readiness level (MRL)3 we can support the Centre of Excellence (CoE) better.

The relevance of Partner Activities to the Project

Trust-IT brings its pluriannual experience of targeted communication and dissemination of result with an eye to understanding what sustainability paths MAX consortium can take forward. 

It plays a central part in leading the dedicated to Engagement, Communication, Dissemination, Uptake & Sustainability including impact to professionally support its communication activities, among other tools and services.

Trust-IT will lead the common communication approach and branding for the project, understanding that the different stakeholders have different communication objectives which need to be harmonised and channelled into a common communication strategy. Clearly, providing a harmonised approach to communications and identifying common dissemination results are key to maximising greater impact.

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