17 November 2020

European High-Performance Computing Projects 2020 Handbook

If you are interested in a detailed catalogue of the...


15 October 2020

FLEUR Webinar - Highlights and Insights

On the 14th October, the 6th webinar of the MaX series on Flagship codes entitled “...

Siesta webinar highlights


25 September 2020

SIESTA Webinar - Highlights and Insights

The 5th webinar of the MaX series on Flagship codes entitled "...

SIESTA webinar


22 September 2020

MaX Webinar on SIESTA code

The fifth Webinar of a series presenting the most recent developments of the MaX flagship codes entitled "...

Innovation Radar


28 July 2020

MaX CoE lands on the EU Innovation Radar as Key Innovator

Released in 2014 as a Pilot project by DG Connect, the Innovation Radar...


09 July to 10 July 2020

GAME CHANGERS WANTED Leonardo’s Call for Recruits



30 June 2020

CP2K Webinar - Highlights and Insights

Last 24th of June, the...


18 June 2020

Yambo Code Webinar: Highlights and Insights

The third webinar of the MaX series on Flagship codes entitled “...


28 May 2020

Newly-engineered Materials Cloud Archive unveiled

We would like to announce the launch of a newly engineered Materials Cloud Archive, now powered...


27 May 2020

AiiDA Webinar - Highlights and Takeaways

Last 27th of May, the second webinar of the MAX series on Flagship codes entitled “...