08 June 2019

Yambo: The code at the service of Sustainable Development

The energy industry, with particular attention to sustainable energy, is facing a great challenge in recent years. Every day, scientists across the globe experiment the advantages and disadvantages of materials in disparate technological fields, and, amongst them, the photovoltaic sector.

The studies in this industry are addressed towards the material properties such as the absorption capacity of broad-spectrum, the resistance, the durability, and the capacity to keep or hand out the energy. For instance, through these research activities, the scientists’ communities are able to enhance the modular photovoltaic efficiency.

In amongst those tools and know-how at the disposal of science, there is one that is particularly interesting. In fact, in this field, Yambo code finds its place.

What is Yambo Code?

Yambo is an ab-initio code for calculating quasiparticle energies and optical properties of electronic systems within the framework of many-body perturbation theory and time-dependent density functional theory. Yambo is a plane-wave code that, although particularly suited for calculations of periodic bulk systems, has been applied to a large variety of physical systems.

Yambo relies on efficient numerical techniques devised to treat systems with reduced dimensionality, or with a large number of degrees of freedom. The code has a user-friendly command-line based interface, flexible I/O procedures and is interfaced to several publicly available density functional ground-state codes.

In the sustainable materials industry, Yambo is adopted in other sectors such as the photocatalysis field. Through Yambo, the researchers run an accurate prediction of fundamental properties as the band gap of semiconductors or light absorption spectra of materials, including nano-structured systems.

Yambo can, therefore, work at the dimension of an agglomeration of atoms, running considerable parallel simultaneous computations on HPC infrastructures. It also means that great infrastructure and European centres are involved every day in these studies.

Learn more about Yambo code on the official website or on the forum clicking here!