Date: 23 March 2020 to 27 March 2020
Location: Porto, Portugal


The EHPCSW is CANCELED - and hence also the MaX workshop - given the current situation.

The EuroHPC Summit Week (EHPCSW) 2020 will be gathering the main European HPC stakeholders from technology suppliers and HPC infrastructures to scientific and industrial HPC users in Europe. The 2020 edition is taking place from 23-27 March in Porto, Portugal.

In today's data-driven world, High-Performance Computing (HPC) is an emerging reference platform that drives scientific research and enables industrial innovations. This is particularly true for the research in Materials Science, in which, by simply applying the equations of quantum mechanics in large HPC calculations, scientists are able to study and design new materials, before running actual experiments, decreasing costs and enhancing performance.

MaX CoE – ‘Materials design at the eXascale’ - is devoted to enabling materials modelling, simulations, discovery and design at the frontiers of the current and future pre-exascale and exascale HPC architectures.

On 24th of March, MaX is holding a workshop that will gather scientists and organisations active in the field of materials modelling, aimed at discussing the performance and portability of MaX flagship codes (Quantum ESPRESSO, Yambo, Siesta, Fleur, CP2K, BigDFT and AiiDA) and the recent advances in computational materials research based on quantum physics and electronic structure methods. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the following:

  • Advances in HPC  for materials science,
  • High throughput computing (HTC) for materials discovery,
  • New avenues from data analytics/artificial intelligence in materials science,
  • Trends in HPC and co-design towards exascale,
  • Energy efficiency strategy  in HPC systems,
  • Novel algorithms for the first-principles simulation


Furthermore, some successful cases of materials simulations will be presented by MaX team of experts.

MaX Workshop will boast esteemed speakers in the domain of High Performing Computing as Carlo Cavazzoni (CINECA), Joost VandeVondele (ETH Zürich), Nicola Spallanzani (CNR Nano), Uliana Alekseeva (FZ Juelich), Davide Campi (EPFL), Pablo Ordej​ó​n (ICN2) and Claudia Cardoso (CNR Nano).


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