Harmonized Communication and Dissemination approach to maximize greater impact

Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services, one of the key members of MaX that will bring its pluriannual experience of targeted communication and dissemination of result with an eye to understanding what sustainability paths MAX consortium can take forward.


Lavoisier Discussion on “Quantum Simulation"

LAVOISIER discussions on “Quantum Simulation” will be held from 8-9 of May 2019, in ICN2 (Bellaterra, Barcelona).

MaX Code Suite

MaX Code Suite leads the innovative research for materials, modelling and simulation toward a new era

The principal MaX’s code suites are: Quantum Espresso, Fleur, Siesta, Yambo, CP2K, BIGDFT, Sirius and AiiDA.

Pathways for EOSC-hub and MaX collaboration

Pathways for EOSC-hub and MaX collaboration

On 10-12 April 2019 at the Vienna House Diplomat in Prague, Czech Republic, the 2nd EOSC-hub Week 2019 will bring together both present and future service providers and users of the European Open Science Cloud. Stronger involvement from the High-Performance Computing Centers of Excellence (HPC CoE) will be sought through interactive sessions dedicated session entitled “The HPC Centers of Excellence in the EOSC arena”

MaX on EOSC Hub Week

MaX CoE Cooperation on EOSC-hub Week 2019

The Materials design at eXascale (MaX) is one of the High-Performance Computing Centers of Excellence (HPC CoE) that was invited to showcase how MaX is seamlessly integrating with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and how Aiida and Materials Cloud tools are paving the way of the new computational materials science and to grant streamlined access to HPC.

Job opportunities within MaX @CNR ISM

Job opportunities within MaX @CNR ISM

The Division of Ultrafast Processes in Materials(FLASHit) at CNR-ISM is searching new collaborators within the international projects MaX, NFFA and BIOX. Deadline June 15, 2019.